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How to Choose the Best Vape for Oils

Now that more than half of states have legalized cannabis for either medical or recreational use, the use of vaporizers to ingest marijuana flowers and concentrates has become increasingly popular. There are a lot of pros about using a vaporizer to vape your cannabis. The first big thing is that many people believe that vaporizing is healthier than smoking because it cuts out the carcinogens. While this is hotly debated, one thing we do know is that burning your cannabis cuts down on the amount of those beneficial cannabinoids. Vaping also emits less of that telltale odor that flashes a sign that you’ve been smoking.

how to choose the best vape oil

While cannabis flower is still immensely popular, the use of vape pens and portable vaporizers that use oil is on the rise. Concentrated cannabis oils pack much more of a punch than the flower itself. Many people are turning to cannabis oils because they can deliver their effects faster than smoking.

If you are considering using a vaporizer for oil, which vape is right for you? It can vary based on a few factors, but we’re here to guide you through the decision process. A visit to your local dispensary or browsing an online shop like TheAmsterdam can show you the wealth of products that are available.

Consider Your Budget

One of your first considerations should definitely be your budget. There are some superb vaporizers out there for any budget, but the costs will vary depending on the features. Some higher-end models can handle both concentrates and ground flowers. If you smoke both or don’t know which you prefer yet, these might be an option for you.

Another thing the higher end models offer is temperature control, which is crucial for warming different kinds of cannabis products to the right temperature. More expensive models also have larger displays and more programming. However, they are bulkier than the cheaper models.

The lower-cost models resemble a pen and are called just that, vape pens. They can have either re-loadable or disposable cartridges where the oil goes. Most vape pens cannot handle dried cannabis flowers, but they are significantly cheaper.

Disposable or Refillable Cartridges

Pre-filled, disposable cartridges offer a few benefits. Once you’ve screwed the cartridge into your pen, all you need to do is press a button and inhale. Prepackaged cartridges often also let you know exactly what dosage you’re getting. There’s no guesswork involved, so that’s a plus.

Another plus to the disposable option is that many cartridges come with a disposable pen vape. While these may cost more in the long run, being able to just toss the used pen and grab another may be helpful to those who need to vape on the go.

There are also advantages to refillable cartridges. Cannabis vape oil is now available in a multitude of flavors, so being able to change out the liquid to suit your taste is a big plus. Refillable cartridges also cut down on waste products since they are not being thrown away. It also may be more expensive to buy outright, but just needing to buy the THC or CBD oil going forward cuts down on cost.

Where Will You Be Vaping?

Vaporizers come in all sizes these days. From desktop models to bulkier portable vaporizers to sleek pen-style vapes. If you plan on primarily vaping in your own home, it is definitely worth considering a desktop vaporizer that can handle concentrated oils. Most desktop models can handle anything you throw at them.

As mentioned above, all-in-one models are still portable but can be a bit too bulky to carry in a pocket or without a bag. Pen-style vaporizers are designed for oil and for maximum discretion and portability. If you’ll be vaping primarily on-the-go, one of the smaller vaporizers might be the right choice.

Like with many choices, the decision on which vaporizer is right for you comes down to your own lifestyle, budget, and individual needs. A visit to any local dispensary will allow you to see the different vaporizers that are available. YouTube also offers a treasure trove of reviews that are useful for comparing different vaporizers. Do your research and you’ll undoubtedly find the right vaporizer for you.

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