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Top 5 Medical Marijuana Products in Florida 2017-2018

Today the sunshine state is allowing patients access to cannabis as medicine, as long as they are under the care of a state certified MMJ doctor.

There are 22 dispensaries all offering their version of cannabis meds. Below is an easy reference guide, for the top 5 medical marijuana products in Florida for 2020.

Dispensaries are constantly expanding their Florida CBD & high THC product lines, up-dated information will come out as it changes and grows.

There are several MMJ dispensaries that are just getting their business going in the medical marijuana industry such as:

3boysfarm, Loops Nursery and Treadwell Nursery and we will bring you their full cannabis product lines ASAP!

Florida law currently allows for medical marijuana as medicine for qualifying patients, under Amendment 2. However many changes are looming, with several lawsuits pending in the court system.

John Morgan, big weed supporter and proactive attorney, filed a suit against the smoking ban in Florida. Stating that it is un-constitutional to not allow qualified patients to smoke cannabis, which is proven to be the best delivery system for relief.

Furthermore he wants to get "The Florida Cannabis Act," on the ballot for 2018. Going full recreational, says Morgan is the only way to keep the state legislators out of medical marijuana.

For now all qualified Floridians can get medical marijuana products from dispensaries statewide!

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