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Will The Florida Cannabis Act 2018 for Recreational Marijuana Make the Ballot?

Will the Florida Cannabis Act 2018 for recreational marijuana in Florida make the ballot in November?

The Florida Cannabis Act 2018

When state lawmakers in Florida decided in special session, to approve Amendment 2, legalizing marijuana as medicine in the sunshine state, they banned smoking flower. Now voters and patients are angry with state government officials, who want to limit the cannabis products you can buy and how you ingest your medicine.

The Florida Cannabis Act 2018 - flmmj

Many cannabis patients are waiting months to get into the newly formed, Office Of Medical Marijuana Use in Tallahassee. With so many restrictions the current legislation, while offering relief to patients, isn't working well.

Floridians and some high profile marijuana supporters like John Morgan and Norml are pushing for full recreational marijuana to be legalized in 2018.

Florida cannabis act 2018

Allowing adults of age, the ability to walk into a state certified dispensary and buy weed, just like you buy a beer now.

The Florida Cannabis Act petition's full PDF download

If you are a marijuana as medicine believer, please show your support by filling out the above petition and emailing it into your state lawmakers. We need as many people as we had for Amendment 2 in 2016 which passed by a 71% landslide. The people of Florida support legalized cannabis.

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