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How Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Work

If you live in Florida and want to obtain medical marijuana treatments for a debilitating illness you can. It is important to understand how Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries work, since they operate as privately owned and Vertically integrated, Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (M.M.T.C.)

To elaborate, a verticaly integrated system, like Florida's, allows the MMTC or marijuana dispensaries to grow all their own plants, process them, extract THC and CBD Oil, transport and finally sell their line of medical marijuana products to patients directly.

Unlike other states that have legalized cannabis for medical, or recreational use, many have a horizontaly integrated system. The marijuana dispensaries within these states are allowed to purchase their cannabis from outside growers and vendors. They can then offer it for sale to patients.

There are many in Florida, that wish to see our current vertical system changed, but state lawmakers are slow to react. Pro Florida cannabis organizations like, The Cannabis Coalition, Leafly and United For Care talk about how quality would sky rocket and prices will come down.

In a Verticaly integrated system the marijuana dispensaries control everything from seed to sale, including any research conducted on purity and potency. Plus they control the pricing, since buying medical marijuana from them directly is patients only choice. This is how we currently operate in Florida.

1st. You must get a marijuana recommendation from a 420 doctor.

2nd. Obtain Office Of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) approval by proving Florida residence and sending in the MMJ card prosessing fee to the state. ($75.00)

3rd. Contact any Florida Dispensary directly, they can only sell their line of MMJ products, so you may want to check them all out before you buy.

As where in a horizontaly integrated system, the dispensaries buy from the best growers, with the highest quality product. Florida would issue many additional growers licences, dispensaries too. More cannabis entrepreneurs can get involved, bringing money and expertise to the sunshine state. Their is natural competition formed as well, meaning that prices get driven down because multiple growers all want their medical marijuana strains, on dispensary shelves. This situation becomes most favorable to patients because, they get independently tested, high grade cannabis, for the lowest market prices available.

For more information on Florida Marijuana Laws or to apply for your Medical Cannabis Card.

Sign the petition for 2018 Florida Cannabis Act to legalize recreational marijuana in Florida

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