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Bruce Banner Seeds [Dark Horse Genetics]

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

One of the most popular strains today, created by Dark Horse Genetics is Bruce Banner #3. This potent 80% Sativa 20% Indica strain was made from crossing OG Kush, with Strawberry Cough and Sour Deisel. Giving birth to a High Times Cannabis Cup winner in Denver Colorado and best new medical marijuana strain.

Yes, there are several other attempts at producing Bruce Banner strains, but the only one people care about is the original Bruce Banner #3 seeds, sold here.

This powerful Sativa dominant strain's most well-known characteristic is an uplifting "happy" high, always associated with this bright lime green bud.

In fact, it has become a popular medical marijuana strain with many uses like treating depression and anxiety. But also comes with an underlying body high that can ease aches and pain instantly.

Being a powerful mood stimulant helps to increase appetite and gives patients the energy needed for treatments, without any anxiety at all. This is one of the only Sativa heavy strains that give you the best of both worlds and skyrocket its popularity amongst medical marijuana patients worldwide.

Most people looking for Bruce Banner seeds would benefit from buying them online. There are many well-known companies willing to ship seeds anywhere you need them to go rather cheap.

Plus you can be sure that the seeds you buy from a reputable company will be guaranteed and have the original Bruce Banner strain genetics.

Any indoor hydroponics grower loves Bruce Banner because the seeds almost always sprout and produce strong viable plants. The strain grows like a typical diesel would with one exception, they can grow pretty tall with dense, sticky buds that produce heavy yields in indoor, or outdoor grows. You can find feminized Bruce Banner seeds for sale in most online stores and even a few dispensaries in states like Colorado and California.

The plants have a heavy diesel smell that begins long before the plants look like they should smell, making these plants best suited for indoor growth, where you can control the environment and eliminate the musty odor. Locals say that growing Bruce Banner plants from seeds each time makes sense since the most potent pot comes from first-generation plants.

Bruce Banner #3 grows from seed to flower in 80 days yielding more than your average kush, or diesel alone. Indoor grows can expect to get 19 - 25 ounces per square meter, under 1000 watt LED grow lights.

This is an easy strain for beginners to grow because ultimately it's a hearty plant that can thrive if conditions are correct. There are many places people can learn the most cutting edge growing techniques, sure to help you harvest a large, dank batch of Bruce Banner #3 to enjoy.

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