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Smoking Marijuana Is Now Legal Judge Rules

Today May 25th 2018 Judge Geivers a Leon Country Circut Court Judge rules in favor of medical marijuana patients to smoke cannabis!

Until today. After a lawsuit from Orlando lawyer and medical-marijuana advocate John Morgan, a Tallahassee judge has ruled that Florida's current smokable weed prohibition is unconstitutional. Circuit Judge Karen Gievers ruled Florida's medical cannabis patients have the right to smoke weed in private places.

Now Floridian's can buy and smoke medical marijuana legally in private in the sunshine state. This means that approved medical marijuana patients will be allowed to buy "Flower" from dispensaries and smoke weed at home!

"Qualifying patients have the right to use the form of medical marijuana for treatment," the ruling states.

Below is the final judgement signed by Judge Geivers allowing smokable medical marijuana for all approved cannabis patients.

Florida passed Amendment 2 legislation in Nove 2016 allowing for expanded qualifications to obtain medical cannabis. Since then over 120,000 approved patients are registered and growing each week. However, state lawmakers banned smoking marijuana flower and only allowed canna oil products to be sold, or consumed. Frankly, this has energized Floridian's who are tired of legislators telling patients and doctors whats best for their health and treatments.

This is a big win for Floridians dealing with illness, or injury because its legal to smoke, vape, buy and possess all types of medical marijuana, to treat qualified health conditions.

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