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Welcome to Florida CBD Connection's, How Cannabinoid (CBD) can truly benefit your health in many ways. First of all, it's important to understand what CBD is and why humans need it.

The best way to do that is a previous post we published this year, diving deep into this subject.

However here are some ways to show why human health, directly relies on CBD. Its because all of us are born with a natural Endocannabinoid system within us. This CBD rich system controls many important functions within the body like:

  • The human nervous system - Its functions rely in part on the endocannabinoid system, to keep it functioning at optimal levels. The nervous system controls countless functions that we rely on every day to live normal healthy lives.

  • Systems related to breathing and heartbeat also rely in part on a fully functioning endocannabinoid (CBD rich) system. Since these types of functions are "automatic" and you don't need to put thought into your heart beating or breathing they are affected by a person's nervous system. Having a clear, full Cannabinoid rich system helps to regulate all these together for optimum functions.

  • The human immune system relies on a CBD's to function at peak performance, ensuring we can fight off sickness and disease.

  • CBD has long been used to relieve inflammation in human tissue. One of the leading causes of injury and the number one reason for longer recovery times is inflammation. When a patient takes CBD regularly inflammation is drastically reduced and healing times decrease.

  • One of the most progressive areas that CBD is showing success is in treating seizures and other neurological conditions. Case studies show that patients suffering from seizures could reduce the amount they had so drastically, its hard to believe we are just legalizing it for use in the US.

  • Taking CBD regularly contributes to healthy skin in humans since it's known to moisturize and balance hormones responsible for skins health.

So you can see why keeping your endocannabinoid system full of CBD is important for a well-balanced system for overall health.

Cannabinoid (CBD) also has some interesting and useful characteristics of its own, that greatly benefit peoples health in the following ways:

1. CBD research shows that Cannabinoid can be used as an anti-cancer agent and is currently being used to treat patients suffering from this disease. Including high doses of THC marijuana strains into a cancer patients treatments can also greatly reduce nausea from chemo and act as a powerful sleep aid, without any negative side effects.

2. Medical Marijuana Doctors across the nation have added CBD into their long-term pain management treatments with great success. Although not as powerful as traditional opioid medications, CBD has no psychoactive effects or addictive characteristics. Again pairing THC with this treatments have been successful in some patients as well.

Hope you enjoy the short info graphic below showing, How CBD can benefit your health in many ways.

There are many ways to ingest CBD for optimal health benefits. You want to ensure that you're taking a full spectrum PURE CBD OIL free from any pollutants like pesticides or other contaminants.

You can take tincture CBD Oil that is taken by mouth directly, or added to liquids as a drink.

Another popular way to ingest CBD is through vaping. You can find quality CBD rich Vape Oils online just about anywhere.

Although CBD products are legal in all 50 states you may want to contact a local medical marijuana doctor near you, for a specialized treatment plan to get the best CBD benefits for your over-all health goals.

In states where cannabis is legal you can visit a dispensary and see the options available through them. In some states like Colorado, California, Washington and others, CBD has taken many forms like concentrates and shatter. These can give you tons of CBD's very quickly for the best health results, fast.

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