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Can My Medical Marijuana Make Me Loose My Job? - Florida Marijuana Laws

With well over 70,000 new Medical Marijuana patients registered with Florida and many more waiting to be approved, many have been asking the question, can my medical marijuana make me lose my job.

Since marijuana became legal for medical use in 2017 the laws have simply not caught up. There are some pretty big holes in the current legislation governing the MMJ industry and this is just one.

Not only Florida Medical Marijuana patients have this concern since cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug according to the Feds all states with legalization are affected.

It goes something like this:

Let's take long-term pain management patient that is prescribed an array of opioid medications to deal with the debilitating symptoms of their pain. These folks may be initially grateful that these medications relieve the short-term pain, however, 94% of patients report wanting to stop these highly addictive opiates but have no legal alternatives. Plus the side effects of some of these traditional drugs is worse than the original illness they take them for.

Now in Florida that medical marijuana is legal and many people are turning to it for pain. The scientific research is undeniable and folks are literally flocking to get approved for cannabis.

Over 64% of opioid patients report that medical marijuana relieves their pain enough to have a better quality of life. Plus marijuana has no long-term side effects or addictive qualities.

The difference for these patients is that a doctors recommendation and the fact that marijuana is now considered a legal medication in Florida won't save you if your employer decides to give you a drug test. Since cannabis is still illegal federally it simply makes it impossible to force your employer to accept it.

On the other hand, if you were taking 5 different opioids and had a legal prescription from a doctor, you could fail the drug test, show a doctors note and not even be judged for being an opioid addict.

Where is the logic in that?

We need Marijuana Reform in the United States and in Florida right away. Patients should not live in fear that they could lose their jobs, homes, families simply for finding relief from illness in a much healthier way then is traditionally accepted anyways.

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