The CBD Oil Dose Calculator 

Recent research indicates that people will benefit from taking Florida CBD oil to treat many different conditions from illness to injury, without intoxication. 


Many people have become familiar with the effects of taking regular CBD doses over time, with some trial and error. Through their efforts, better research and careful analysis we've provided an accurate CBD oil dose calculator that shows how much CBD is in each drop of oil and how many drops you should take.


Credible information is available about this topic from respected sources like the National Institute Of Health who studied medical marijuana's health benefits for many conditions. They also compiled a CBD dosage amount based on the studies results, seen here. 

CBD Oil Drops Calculator 

A popular way to take CBD oil doses accurately is with drops which are available in a wide selection of strengths and strains. 


According to Trulieve medical marijuana dispensary, the following CBD oil drops calculator will help you accurately take CBD oil.


500MG CBD oil Bottle - 5mg twice per day


More recent studies show that for a 155-pound person that 5mg is a low dose, 15mg is considered a medium dose, and 30mg is a high dose.

CBD Vape-Oil Dose Calculator

Another way to ingest CBD is vaping which has grown popularity amongst patients that need fast relief. Vaping offers instant relief while maintaining consistent CBD oil doses.


Trulieve - 250MG Vape Cartridge - 5mg twice per day using a 3-second drawl each time. 


For people suffering from more serious health conditions may want to increase their CBD dose quickly. Vaping provides an easy way to increase your dosage in an easily controlled manner. 


Note - A 155-pound person/5mg is a low dose, 15mg is considered a medium dose, and 30mg is a high dose.


Vape Oil Dose Translation:


  • One, 3-second drawl equals 5 mg total CBD dose.

  • Three, 3-second drawl equals 15mg total CBD dose

  • Six, 3-second drawl equals 30mg total CBD dose.

CBD Oil Capsules Dose Calculator

The most popular way to take CBD oil is by ingesting capsules just like taking a vitamin, or another medication. They typically come in gel tab capsules which are easy to swallow and provide accurate amounts of CBD per dose. 


CBDPure - 750MG Bottle, each capsule contains 25mg CBD.

The recommended dose is 1-2 capsules per day.


Elixinol - 900MG Bottle, each capsule contains 15mg CBD

The recommended dose is 1-2 capsules per day.

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