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At Miami Marijuana Doctors our board-certified physicians provide high-quality, compassionate healthcare, to Miami-Dade County patients. We offer personalized treatment plans, for each patient's specific healthcare needs. Moreover, we specialize in THC and CBD oil Florida. Along with smokable flower.  


Since 2017, Florida MMJ laws allow people with qualifying illnesses, or injuries, obtain a medical marijuana card in Miami, FL. Patients must be seen in person and qualified, by an MMJ doctor initially and given a marijuana recommendation ( MMJ prescription ). It includes the types of marijuana to use, the correct dosage amounts, and which MMJ products will maximize your health benefits.

The qualifying conditions to obtain medical marijuana in Miami, from our state-approved doctors include;

or any other illness that Miami medical marijuana doctors recommend cannabis to treat!

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After your initial consultation with our medical marijuana doctors in Miami, you will need to apply to the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU). They will provide your final approval, patient number, and an official medical marijuana card mailed to your Miami, FL home address.

The application process begins at your appointment and our office will provide you with detailed information about how to navigate the OMMU website and guidlines. 

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