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THC Oil for Sale - THC Vape Oil Extract

Many Floridians have already been using cannabis legally to treat illness, relieve pain, or ease nerves. Both Cannabinoid CBD and THC oil for sale these days, is produced locally by licensed marijuana dispensaries in Florida. The CBD Oil sold does not require a medical marijuana card and doctors approval, but we certainly suggest you consult a doctor before starting any dietary supplements. In order to buy THC Oil though you must be approved by the Department Of Marijuana Use in Tallahassee, since they hold the final keys to access in the sunshine state.

Florida dispensaries, sell unique THC Oil, in fact some claim to have a higher concentrate of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana than the rest. Some claim their brand is stronger or better to treat certain ailments. The nice thing is that we have done some research in Florida, being a medical marijuana patient myself. Below are some simple tips when shopping these dispensaries statewide.

Who has the best THC Vape Oil?

First go online and do some research, all the marijuana dispensaries in Florida have their product line in full detail, posted for customers to browse. Get an idea of what they offer and what the cost per mg is? What is the THC content % vs the price, this will tell you where the best deals are. Trulieve and Knox Medical are two popular dispensaries in Florida, both offering THC Oil for Sale, THC Vape Pens, and THC Capsules, with Trans dermal Patches coming soon!

What flavor THC Oil do they offer for sale, many times dispensaries will add an array of flavors to their oral oils, and vape oils to make them more appealing for patients not used to natural cannabis oil flavors.

If this is your first time getting medical marijuana in Florida, tell them at the dispensary. Often times they run specials for 1st time and repeat buyers, as loyalty programs to keep you coming back. This is a great way to save money, as you try the different pot shops and their products.

THC Vape Oil for Sale

Trulieve Dispensary THC Vape Oil product update 2/28/2018

Qualified MMJ patients throughout Florida can now buy THC Oil Concentrates, and THC Vape Oil Concentrates that are 82% THC Content.

These THC Oils are highly potent and should be used with caution. To give you a reference, in a typical vape cartridge, either 300mg or 600mg, the THC content by volume is around 24%.

Now take the concentrates mentioned above, these are 800mg vape cartridges and the THC content by volume is around 84%

The concentrates are well known in other states like Colorado, or Washington since you can get the maximum health benefits from the THC, in a smaller dosage size.

Concentrates can be found in all types of products like Shatter, Butters, and others. However, in Florida, the only THC products allowed by law are Vape oils and Tinctures.

With new court legislation in process, we hope to update you shortly with new THC products available for use in the Sunshine State.

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