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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Vape Juice from the Store near You

The vaping business is booming. A recent market survey research established that the vape and e-cigarette market is currently valued at USD 18.47Billion. As a result, the number of vendors selling vape juice and other electronic nicotine delivery (END) products is also growing.

Before vaping went mainstream, vape juice was predominantly sold online. Today, however, there are over 8500 vape juice brick-and-mortar shops in the USA. Although shopping for vape juice online is convenient, a physical shop offers a unique experience. Find out why you should buy vape juice at a store near you below:

One-on-one Consultations

There is the advantage of directly interacting with the person behind the counter and other shop attendants. Vaping shop attendants are by many accounts helpful and very engaging people. They also have a wealth of knowledge about their products.

Most of them are willing to give information, including flavor profiles, PG, VG, and nicotine levels, and how to use other END accessories. The best part is that this consultation is free.

If you are new to vaping, buying vape juice at a local shop is a better option. Just search online for “vape shop near me” to identify your options.

You Can Sample the Product Before Purchasing

Most local vape juice shops have test stations where buyers can sample different vape juice flavors before purchasing the product. Therefore, you are confident that the vape juice you select is high-quality even before purchasing.

You may also get a chance to sample new vape juice products. Some vape juice shops even allow vape enthusiasts to make personalized vape flavors by combining the available flavors.

Timely Fix

Although buying Delta 8 THC vape juice online is fast and convenient, you need to wait for the delivery man to get your products. The delivery man may take anything from a few minutes to a day to deliver your package.

On the contrary, when you visit your local vape store, you can start by testing the samples even before buying your vape juice. The only duration you have to account for is the time it takes you to get to your local vape store.

You Can Verify Product Quality

Even experienced vapers are sometimes misled by inaccurate product descriptions when shopping online. You can use your senses to determine the quality of vape juice when shopping at a local vape juice store. Just looking through the bottle will allow you to check for factors like liquid density and clarity. However, if the vape juice shop does not have a testing station, you can scan through product labels for key information.

The Social Aspect

Shopping for vape juice at a local store is a social experience. Hence, the reason some vape juice shops refer to their premises as vape lounges.

You can meet and interact with other vape lovers at your local vape store. Some vape juice shops even host events such as cloud-chasing competitions.

Supporting Local Businesses

The nicotine and END business is quite volatile. So, when you buy vape juice at a local vape juice store, you support a local business.

Local vape juice businesses often face new federal and state tax laws that increase their cost operation and eat into their profits. Therefore, you can help keep their doors open by buying their products.

No Shipping Fees

Vape juice sold at brick-and-mortar shops costs slightly more than products sold online because the vendors pass operational costs to buyers. Although vape juice is cheaper online, you have to pay delivery fees. Therefore, delivery fees nullify a lower price as an advantage of shopping for vape juice online.

Build Rapport with Shop Owner/Attendant

Frequenting your local vape store will allow you to establish rapport with the attendant. They will become like that bartender at your local joint who can read your mood and serve you a befitting drink without asking. Moreover, they will inform you when new flavors you may like arrive, among other perks.

Avoid Strict Return Policies

When you shop for vape juice at a local vape shop, you can verify the product quality and state before buying. On the contrary, when you shop online, you can get the wrong item delivered or the right item in a poor state. In such instances, you have to start the tedious process of returning the product to the seller, who may not be too happy to return your money.

Identify Trustworthy Brands

The NDC industry is highly unregulated, hence the presence of low-quality vape juices in the market. When you shop online, you may purchase substandard vape juices. In contrast, local vape juice shop owners have plenty to lose when they sell substandard products. Therefore, they strive to stock their shops with high-quality products.


Whether you choose to buy vape juice from your local vape shop or online is a matter of choice. However, when you buy vape juice from your local vape juice store, you get more than just a product; you get to socialize, sample, and learn more about the vaping lifestyle.


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