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7 Ways To Get the Perfect Vape Experience That Everyone Is Talking About

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Vapes, or the traditionally called e-cigarettes, offer the user a variety of options. Not only is their design different from vape to vape, but the e-juice liquids for them come in numerous flavors. If you are interested in the most trending e-juices, check out the vape juice awards.

There, you’ll find a list of the most popular and frequently bought e-juices that have a good ranking on the market. Since almost any flavor you can think of is probably already made and put up for sale, you can only imagine how vast the choices are.

The ranking a specific flavor gets depends on how many votes it gets when a poll is made. However, this needn’t influence your decisions directly. A preference for a particular flavor is a highly subjective matter, after all.

Why the interest in vapes is rapidly growing, as opposed to tobacco, is because vapes have become a fashion trend. Because they look good, but also because they are potentially safer than regular cigarettes, millennials are buying them in bulk.

Because they are so popular, we’ve decided to dig a little deeper and lay out the most important steps when using a vape for the best feel. Further on, you’ll find vaping hacks that will make your life easier.

List of 7 Hacks for the Best Vaping Experience

Since this business is on such a rise, we’ve made a list of the seven things you can do to get the best possible vaping experience. If you’ve decided to become a vape user in the modern world, you might as well do it right.

Balance the Nicotine Strength

The throat hit you get from vaping is a good replica for those switching from traditional cigarettes to vapes. However, too much nicotine in the vape can give you a sensation on the verge of being uncomfortable.

To avoid this, use lower strengths of nicotine, say 10mg/ml or even less.

Change the Ratio of PG and VG

After a survey we observed, we arrived at these statistics. People who set their ratio of PG to VG to 60:40 described the hit as strong and robust, even slightly scratchy at times. Those who had the ratio of 40:60 describe the hit as weak.

From this survey, you can conclude that more PG will increase the strength of your throat hit. On the other hand, the presence of less PG and more VG will give you a smoother, weaker hit.

Manage the Power Setting

This hack is simple. The higher the power, say over 50W, the stronger the hit will be. That’s because the temperature of the vapor and the throat hit are in a codependent relationship. That’s why most vapers decrease nicotine levels when they get a good vape setup.

Experiment With Flavours

It’s not only the power and the PG/VG ratio that influence your throat hit – it’s the flavor itself as well. Some vapers use menthol flavor to boost their CBD vape hit. This flavor, in particular, gives an extra cooling touch while inhaling.

Citrus flavored e-juices give a similar vaping experience, though a little smoother and softer. Those who seek to find a very soft and gentle hit should opt for fruity flavors or, e.g., coffee.

Manage the Settings of the Airflow

If you’ve already dealt with the power adjustments and the PG/VG ratio but are still not satisfied, you may as well adjust the airflow settings. It’s simple – a wider airflow will weaken the vape hit, whereas a tighter one will make it stronger.

Buy a New Wicking Material

The best wicking material for those who need a gentle hit is definitely cotton. Those who want to spice it up and get a more intense one should go for a hemp wick.

Use Nicotine Salts for a Finer Hit

Nic salts have revolutionized the world of vaping. They are, in fact, a salty crystal form of the original nicotine found in tobacco but are not as sharp and strong when vaped. That’s our description in a nutshell, but if you like, you can read more about nic salts.

The Wrap Up

If you already are a vape user or are considering becoming one, we believe this list of hacks helped you. They’re only there for you to get the best possible experience a vape can provide. Don’t be lazy to try them out and use all the advantages offered.

Of course, all of these hacks and how you will use them depend strictly on your preferences. Whether you like a stronger or a lighter hit is your preference solely. Whichever it is, we hope that you will now know how to adjust the power, airflow, PG/VG ratio, and which flavor to choose.

Good luck!

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