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How does medical marijuana help anxiety?

Anxiety is a very common condition in humans, it can be brought on from all types of situations and can range from a small episode, to being completely debilitating. First of all you have to understand what it is and how it effects the body, then you can see how medical marijuana helps anxiety.

Anxiety is a natural reaction from the body to stress. It is a chemical condition that elevates heart rate, blood pressure and your mood in general. Some people can get anxiety from simply thinking of a past situation that caused then stress. Other anxiety can be experienced from a daily activity like driving in heavy traffic or going to see an old friend.

medical marijuana for anxiety

There are some people who get completely overwhelmed by stress and anxiety and their body and mind can become paralyzed with fear. Some people cant even do simple tasks like walking down the street, of going to their jobs.

Millions of Americans have this issue and can be diagnosed with anxiety disorder. These people are finally finding relief from anxiety and stress by using medical marijuana.

Marijuana is made up of THC and CBD, both are cannabinoids that make up cannabis and are the 2 that can be used in humans to treat anxiety.

1) CBD is not the psychoactive compound in marijuana and does not produce any high. It does however naturally bind with the endocannabinoid receptors in the human brain, regulating many functions associated with anxiety. CBD also is known to give people an over-all sense of well being and health.

2) THC is the part of marijuana associated with getting hi. THC is especially good to treat anxiety because it eliminates the feeling of stress all together and replaces it with a euphoric sense of well being.

Since there are no side effects of marijuana and it doesn't interfere with any of the bodies systems, the impact that marijuana has on anxiety and stress is felt by people using it for relief.

If you are looking to treat your anxiety symptoms by using medical marijuana and you would like to contact a marijuana doctor to help you, simply ask!

Our doctors and staff are here to help you understand how to access this new advancement in patient care throughout Florida

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