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Does CBD Oil Get You High - CBD Oil Effects

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Many questions still circle medical marijuana in Florida and patients don't fully understand what is legally available to them in the sunshine state. Does CBD Oil get you high? and what effects should I expect from CBD Oil, are among a few of the most popular.

First of all CBD Oil contains little to no THC , the psychoactive component of marijuana, most associated with the high you experience when ingested. Cannabinoid (CBD) bonds with the receptors in human beings naturally occurring endocanabinoid system, responsible for important body functions.

CBD is non-psychoactive:

1. CBD Oil does not get you high, quite the opposite, in fact patients on a regular CBD dosage report an over-all well balanced health, without any high what so ever.

2. CBD Oil gives you a calm, easy going sense and doesn't effect your ability to think normally, or feel inebriated. Since it effects our bodies systems naturally, people say that they feel better over-time and do not feel like they are medicated.

3. CBD in Florida, is well known as a chronic pain reliever, moreover patients are able to get relief, without experiencing any high at all. Unlike more traditional opioid medications that not only get you high, but also leave you addicted.

4. With more states legalizing marijuana in one form or another, CBD research and testing is on the rise. Much progress has been made extracting CBD and THC molecules from pot.

5. Growers are able to get the CBD to THC ratio so high that there are only trace amounts of THC left in the final product. Since these plants are bread specifically for their CBD content they will not get users high, yet still deliver the healing effects there known for.

6. CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states in the U.S. Which means that you can order quality hemp oil online without any THC and get it delivered to your location, Nationwide!

Does CBD oil get you high? - Florida CBD

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