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What Are Weed Etiquettes And Why You Should Follow It

Updated: Feb 12

It may be challenging to navigate etiquette in social settings. Although not everyone follows the same social rules, some have endured the years and are still prevalent. The formation of weed rules is unavoidable in an era when cannabis use has been allowed or is on the verge of legalization in numerous states.

The cannabis culture has its own set of rules that have been in place for a long time. These etiquettes emphasize what the society and culture judge acceptable.

So, what are some weed etiquettes you should adhere to? Want to know about the rules of smoking cannabis at a party and impress your friends? Read on to know all about the top cannabis etiquettes you must follow.

What Are Some Of The Prominent Weed Etiquettes?

Marijuana users who have used the drug for a long time recognize that it is essentially a social activity. As a result, specific 'rules' come with smoking cannabis in a social setting. Here are the top weed etiquettes one must follow:

There Is No Peer Pressure:

When you're a member of a weed group, you need to figure out who will use the cannabis. You should ask everyone in the room whether it's acceptable if you light up. It's advisable to move the pot or bong to a separate room if someone opposes it. It's unjust to expose someone to secondhand smoking if they don't want anything to do with cannabis.

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Offer Once - If you're going to give someone a joint, you must only ask once. Accept their refusal but let them know that you'll be glad if they participate later. Even if non-users would be ok with you smoking marijuana, respect them by ensuring proper ventilation by opening windows.

Distribute Cannabis:

First and foremost, if you've been asked to do a cannabis-consuming activity, bring your bud. Given the high expense of marijuana, the 'host' will most certainly welcome someone getting extra. Make sure you share; whether you're hosting or going with some cannabis, make sure you share. Cannabis sharing has been practiced for thousands of years, and it's also a bright idea if you run out of your weed and need to borrow someone else's.

It's also polite for a host to provide the first take of a pipe or bowl to their visitors. You'll put them at ease right away, and they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness. Make sure you know the unstated rule that the roller takes the first puff. This implies that the person who rolled the joint gets the first to take a hit.

Getting The Joint Approved:

Forming a circle and rotating the joint is popular among cannabis users. As a result, everyone in the setting can take a hit. Puff, puff, pass is the general rule. This entails taking a few hits and then passing the joint.

'Bogarting' should not be done under any circumstances. It means when someone hangs on to the pipe for too long, prohibiting others from smoking. It's ideal if you pay close attention to how the joint rotates. When it is someone's time, people in the group are usually expected to speak out.

Stepping in during rotation isn't as much of a felony as it formerly was. Most groups are unconcerned if someone asks for a short dose before departing as long as the individual does not make a concerted effort.

Maintain A Clean Environment:

If you have a fever or any potentially contagious illness, stay out of the circle. Would you be willing to share a joint with someone coughing or sniffling? Since everyone places their lips on a mouthpiece, it's the same problem with bong hits. The group may determine whether or not to include someone who has a head cold. When it comes to your bong, make sure it's clean before each session.

Some individuals use a lighter's flame to burn microorganisms off the mouthpiece. It's better than nothing, but it's far from adequate. After each usage, you should properly wash your bong with isopropyl alcohol. You should also purchase alcohol wipes designed particularly for the mouthpiece. Finally, replace the water in your bong regularly!

Be Respectful:

You can be respectful in a variety of ways. As the server, do all you can to put newcomers at ease. Look out for your buddies to make sure they're not overeating. Make sure you distribute your cannabis with your guests since you have invited them.

If you’re visiting another weed enthusiast, you must respect the host's property as a guest, which includes cleaning up after yourself if you create a mess. This might be as basic as verifying that any ash on the floor is cleaned up. Bring some munchies with you, particularly if you don't have any cannabis. If the munchies strike, this gesture will be much appreciated by all group members.

In conclusion If you want guests or visitors to return to your home or welcome you over, follow the cannabis etiquette standards listed above. It will undoubtedly be an excellent experience for practically everyone if everyone respects these unwritten regulations.

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