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Buy Lemon Kush Feminised Seeds

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

There are many different growers offering Lemon Kush these days and the genetics can lean one way, or the other. However, it's generally accepted that the origin or Lemon Kush can be traced back to the Middle East region, near Pakistan.

Being an Indica dominant hybrid made from a cross between Afgan Kush and Lemon G giving it a distinct look and flavor. The leaves are wide and short typical of any Indica strain, with a few interesting twists.

Many people have long used this potent marijuana strain because even though its Indica dominant the euphoric effects are not concentrated in the body and allow a nice uplifting head high, along with the typical melt in your couch Indica effect. Lemon Kush seeds are easy to sprout and grow strong, producing big buds covered in trichomes.

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People who have grown this strain know that Lemon Kush will produce low, fat plants with dense buds finished within 60 days, indoors. The Lemon Kush plant is resistant to many things like insects, however, you still want to maintain a clean bug-free grow room for them to flourish. Lemon Kush feminized seeds will almost always produce a lush female to supply your crop for months before needing to be replaced.

Lemon Kush can be grown best using LED indoor grow lights and high amounts of concentrated nutrients promoting hearty growth. The lemon kush marijuana strain does exceptionally well outdoors, growing as tall as 15 feet in a season and harvest-ready by September, depending on the location.

Since many states across the nation have legalized cannabis people are finding that Lemon Kush is a great way to use medical marijuana. Its ability to calm nerves and reduce stress has been helpful for people suffering from illness.

Patients report that the Indica Lemon Kush strain acts as a sleep aid without any of the negative side effects associated with traditional sleep aids. Those who suffer from chronic anxiety also benefit from the relaxing effects that you get, along with the uplifting psychoactive high that allows you to be still.

Doctors across the country also like Lemon Kush and recommend it to patients in their care. Some states allow approved patients to buy Lemon Kush Seeds online and grow several plants to supply their medical requirements.

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