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6 Tips to Fix the Burnt Taste in a Vape

Most vapers have experienced an awful burnt taste and a dry, unpleasant throat feeling at one time or another. It happens across vape devices and ruins your vaping session. But the good news is that the issue can be effortlessly fixed. Read on to understand all about it.

Not priming the coils properly

This is probably one of the leading causes of the burnt taste in a vape, especially with a new coil. Priming the coil means saturating the wick material and the coil in the e-juice before you start vaping.

A replaceable vape coil has cotton poking out through the vents surrounding the coil. It is the wick that plays a crucial role in heating the e-juice. It is tight and a little less porous in a new coil. If you do not prime the coil, the cotton wick burns itself instead of the vape juice, and you experience a burnt taste.

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Priming facilitates the juice to vaporize and yield optimum flavor and taste since the wick and coil become more porous.

How to prime the coil

The process varies depending on the vaping device you are using, though the basic function remains the same. You must prime the coil every time you replace it.

To prime the coil, add a drop or two of the vape juice on the exposed wick and the wicking ports or the holes around the sides of the coil head. Do not drop too much because it will lead to the juice landing in the first vape instead of its vapor. Next, fill in the vape tank and reassemble back the device. Taking a few dry hits without firing the device will help draw the liquid into the coils and expedite the priming process.

Allow the device to stand still for about 30 minutes to help the wick and coil soak the liquid well. You are now ready to vape.

Using Too Old Vape Coil

Whether you are using a smok novo 3 for sale or any other coil, it has a limited life. It needs replacement, depending on how much you vape, the kind of e-juice used, the vaping method, how old the coil is, etc. You can gauge the time to change the vape coil by the degradation of flavor, burnt taste, poor vapor clouds, visual inspection of the cotton wick, etc.

Furthermore, you must always clean each part of the vaping device every time you change the coil. Residues and dirt inside the vaping device can easily yield a burnt flavor.

Vaping at Too High Wattage

Today, many vape mods come with a variable wattage feature. Hence, many vapers vape at high wattage for more vapor production and, consequently, a more satisfying experience.

However, every coil has its maximum wattage setting, which is printed on the packaging of the vape coil. Exceeding this wattage limit for better flavors and more vapors does nothing but cook off the coil and burn the cotton to yield nasty, burnt-tasting hits. It also uses vape juice significantly faster and can damage the device irrevocably.

The only way out is to read the wattage settings of any coil and stay within its limits.

Chain Vaping

Most seasoned vapors absentmindedly start taking lungful's of delicious smooth vapors in a row with no gaps. Called chain-vaping, it takes a severe toll on your coil-life and soon gives you a slightly roasted taste and then a burnt taste in your mouth.

We all know that while vaping, the battery’s power heats the vape coil that in turn heats the juice soaked into the vape wick and turns it into vapor. Post it; the wick takes some time to absorb fresh juice from the vape tank and get ready again. But continuous puffs overheat the tank and make the juice thinner. The wick burns itself as it does not get time to absorb the juice.

To avoid the burnt and dry taste, it’s best to vape mindfully. After taking a puff, you need to put the device down and allow some time before you take the second puff to help cover the dry spots of the wick by the vape juice.

Vaping on an Empty/Half-filled Tank

We all know that the vape juice reached the wick through the wicking ports or holes all around the wick material in a vape coil. A cardinal rule for the best vaping experience is never to keep these holes exposed. A half-empty or near-empty tank implies that these holes are not covered with e-liquid. It means that the e-juice is not reaching the wick material and is not getting thoroughly soaked. It will cause the wick to burn and give you a burnt taste.

Vaping With High VG E-liquids

E-liquids vary vastly in their formulations, especially in their Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio. The ratio is a vital consideration while choosing the e-liquid. Vapers craving massive cloud formation tend to choose e-liquids with a high VG percentage. These juices have a thicker consistency and are not easily absorbed by the coil.

There are special sub-ohm coils meant for cloud-chasers or e-liquids with high VG percentages. But if you are using this thick e-juice in devices not designed for it, you would be vaping with a dry wick and experiencing a burnt taste.

Wrapping up

Nobody wants to land on a burnt hit. Regular cleaning and taking steps to avoid the causes mentioned above will help you enjoy the best and delicious vaping experience.

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