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Who Wants To Own A Marijuana Dispensary in Florida 2018?

That's right Florida Bill SB 1336: Medical Marijuana Retail Facilities was filed on 12/21/2017 by Senator Perry E Thurston (D) and would allow major growth for dispensary ownership in the sunshine state.

Stringent laws currently limit the dispensaries (Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers) to 25 locations and require a heavy financial investment to even qualify.

By the way all of the 12 MMJ licenses up for grabs in Florida are already spoken for. With these limitations no investors, or entrepreneurs can get their foot in the door. Some of the dispensary owners in Florida wish to benefit from sub-contracting locations to other investors. They are willing to take on the financial burdens, along with the physical, day to day operations of the satallite locations.

SB1336 will greatly reduce the qualifications to own a dispensary in Florida, including lowering the upfront cash investment needed, to be legally in business. Under this new legislation dispensaries may be owned by qualifying applicants that meet some guidelines.

1. Under SB1336 franchises would be required to have their own medical director on staff and carry insurance.

Right now Florida dispensaries must grow, process, transport and sell their own marijuana as medicine. This includes all marijuna and CBD oil Florida dispensaries wish to produce. Florida's current system only affords a dozen large companies with tons of capitol to own and operate these dispensary locations. It doesn't allow these companies to partner with other entities to open their allowed locations, or benefit from 3rd party services like growers!

The new medical marijuana dispensary bill will be heard in Jan 2018 - Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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