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CBD Dosage for Pain - CBD Dosage

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

CBD is one of 70 plus known Cannabinoid molecules found in the marijuana plant. Many people use CBD oil for pain relief because of its analgesic properties, even replacing long-term pain management drugs, with CBD oil treatments. The largest concerns people have about properly using medical marijuana for treatments are answered below, as we explain the correct CBD dosage for pain.

Cannabidiol (CBD) binds with the naturally occurring Endocannabinoid system in humans, responsible for regulating many bodily functions.

CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain known for regulating pain and sensitivity throughout the body. New studies show how CBD acts as the chemical messanger between the endocannabinoid system and cells throughout the body that also contain CB receptors. The systematic way CBD works with the body, on a molecular level, allows it to naturally subdue pain response over time.

Pain is caused by many things and can range from a small nuisance, to chronic and debilitating. Pain symptoms can come on slow over the years, or can be caused by something sudden like injury.

An estimated 1.5 Billion people worldwide deal with debilitating pain symptoms on a daily basis, according to the American Acadamy Of Pain Medicine.

CBD oil is an effective way to treat pain in all it's ugly forms and gives lasting relief to many, around the world today. Of the millions trying CBD as an alternative to more addictive medications you may not get the same response as with opiods for pain. Infact getting the correct CBD dosage for pain you feel, may mean a higher dosage for some, then others.

1. CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory compound, reducing swelling in soft tissue and in effect reducing pressure that causes pain. The best CBD dosage for reducing swelling is 20mg twice per day for 1 week, then see if your pain levels have decreased. If you need a higher dosage for more severe pain, due to swelling, then try 40mg twice per day. Consult a CBD doctor before starting your dosage because often times they know the best dose for swelling related pain already.

2. Cannabidiol has proven to be an effective stress and anxiety reducing agent. Regular CBD Oil doses in patients show a significant drop in stress levels, allowing them to relax and relieve muscle aches and pains, throughout their body. The CBD dose for stress-related pain is 25mg twice per day. Wait 1 week and up your dose to 40mg CBD twice per day. Try consulting a CBD doctor that specializes in medical marijuana for stress and anxiety. They can often time help you find the best dose for your anxiety issue.

Causes of pain in people are different for everyone. That being said, what is the best CBD dosage for pain relief?

According to recent findings by European Journal Of Internal Medicine regular CBD oil dosage for pain in elderly patients, proves safe and effective. This study took 2,736 patients over 65 years of age suffering from pain, related to cancer and other illness. After 6 months of medical marijuana treatments, 97% of them reported reduced pain and an over-all better quality of life. The exact dosage for pain each patient took varied, due to different biological makeup and tollerences. Out of this 18% of the patients stopped taking opioid medications altogether and replacing them with regular CBD, and THC marijuana doses.

Another recent study in 2018 by U.S National Library Of Medicine to study (NIH) Treatment of Chronic Pain With Cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): Effectiveness, Side Effects and Neurobiological Changes.

The ongoing study of 75 participants aims to prove the effectiveness of CBD oil for pain in people suffering from chronic pain and detail a dosing guide for future patients to reference. The NIH will focus on brain scans throughout the clinical trial, to see the hard evidence from before and after treatments.

The best CBD dose for pain will differ from patient to patient, the hope is to create a base-line CBD dose in everyone by administering cannabinoid CBD oil orally once a day for 5 days with pain rankings taken before and after each dose.

Understanding personal tolerance for CBD, or pain medicines in general is key. To much and you can feel sick, to little and you wont get the relief you seek.

Medical marijuana (CBD) doctors advise that you follow a few simple tips when dosing with CBD Oil.

1. Go slow at first and gradually increase your dosages until you reach the pain relief desired. Something to keep in mind about marijuana is that there has never been a documented overdoes, EVER!

However, too much at one time can have a negative effect and unintentionally cause higher anxiety levels than normal. Some patients report low CBD oil doses can alliviate pain better than taking higher doses. Some people need high doses simply because their tolerance for CBD is more developed.

Remember, UN-Used Cannabidiol molecules will simply pass through your body, in much the same way as vitamin C. Still you want to avoid taking to much at once.

2. Respected CBD Oil companies suggest taking 10mg per dose, twice daily to start. Then see how you feel after 1 week, adjust if necessary. You can increase the dose amounts by 10 mg until you get the desired results.

3. For more intense, or chronic pain takes 20mg - 30mg per dose, twice daily to start and again see how your pain reduction is, adjust accordingly. It's recemmended to increase the CBD dose for chronic pain 20mg until the desired results are reached.

4. CBD and THC can also be combined for maximum pain relief, in patients suffering from debilitating illness, or disease. THC has the psychoactive properties associated with marijuana's high. It produces a euphoric feeling in patients that can alleviate pain instantly, where CBD helps pain symptoms over-time.

There is still a lot more research being conducted to find more uses for marijuana, both THC and CBD for pain, anxiety, seizures, PTSD, cancer and more.

Most reputable places recommend that you consult a CBD doctor that specializes in the illness you are trying to treat. Until more can be learned, the general consensus is that anyone that wants the correct CBD dosage may have to find it themselves. You can learn alot by using other peoples results and following their dosage amounts, but mostly trial and error.

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