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Marijuana vs Opioid - A First Hand Look At How Marijuana Treats Addiction

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

More patients than even before are using marijuana to treat a wide variety of illness and symptoms, historically treated with powerful opioid medications. Here is a look at how marijuana vs opioid shapes up in 2017-2018.

Cannabis ability to effect change in the human body is remarkable, its full potential still hasn't been reached, with more scientific proof, that cannabis works available every day.

This is evident in critical areas of addiction as well. Across the USA thousands of people are afflicted with opioid addiction, in fact, the federal government has called this a national crisis.

Let's take a look at Marijuana vs Opioid, and how using cannabis, can get you off these powerful narcotics.

marijuana vs opioid - cbd to treat illness

First of all, we must look at the opioid epidemic and see why Americans are using these drugs in such abundance. The most obvious reason is because doctors are over prescribing them and allowing patients that don't necessarily need opiates, to get them.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the current yearly overdose, death toll for opiod medications and heroin is over 20,000 and growing, in the United States alone!

Take Florida for example, formally known as "The Pill Mill State" where literally millions of opioid medications get prescribed, sold and consumed by patients. But that's not it, tons of these pills are also sold on the black market, making even more people addicted.

Many folks started taking low dose opioids for mild pain and noticed they felt better, so they keep taking them and the doctor keeps prescribing them.

Other people need these drugs to deal with severe injuries and nothing less then a powerful opioid will relieve their pain. But along with this scenario, we should have measures in place to help these patients get off the drug successfully, when their treatments are complete.

Opiod addiction is one of, if not the worst type because the user developes a dependancy on the drug. Normal body functions are inturupted and become debilitating when the opiaets leave their system. People also develope a tolerance and need more medication per dose, to feel the same effects.

When someone who is addicted to opiods stops taking them, they will suffer withdrawl symptoms, making everyday things like getting out of bed impossible. Others include severe constipation, diareea, vomiting, muscle aches and pains and more, making life itself unbarable.

And, the only thing that makes them feel better, opiates! This causes a horrible cycle that people often time, need help to stop.

Unfortunately, the addiction is so strong that when the pills run out, or the doctor decides to abruptly stop prescribing them, the patients often times turn to illegal opioids like heroin. This has hands down the worst drug problem to face humanity, ever!

Millions of dollars are being spent on Rehab facilities and treatment programs designed specifically for opiate users, to try and regain control of their lives.

Even more, is being spent on law enforcement to combat dealer and users turned criminals looking for a fix.

The number of people in the USA being jailed do to drug-related crimes has quadrupled in recent years and officials are desperate for a solution to this worldwide epidemic.

Medical Doctors are beginning to explore marijuana to treat symptoms associated with injury, disease, and chronic illness. They are replacing long-term opioid, pain management treatments, with cannabis.

Marijuana has long been known to help with pain. Either Cannabinoid, (CBD) or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be used separately, or together to get the desired relief.

Some people are literally replacing their entire opioid treatments with cannabis including, mild pain, anxiety symptoms, insomnia, acid reflux control and more.

Chemotherapy patients are successfully utilizing medical marijuana treatments to help with the symptoms that are known to be harsh and trying.

Cannabis allows these patients to rest, and eat, giving them strength to deal with the procedures needed, to treat cancer.

Cannabis interacts with the naturally occurring endocannabinoid system in the body, regulating many functions to improve over-all health.

Marijuana also has no known,negative side effects and people do not get addicted to it either. Of coarse opioid medications are still necessary for our health care system. However they need to be regulated better and patients need options, not just a prescription for narcotics.

Florida Marijuana Doctors are currently recommending marijuana to replace opioid medications for pain.

You need to see a state certified physician and start a treatment plan, that fits your health needs and goals.

See if CBD Oil treatments are right for you. Most doctors can recommend the best CBD oil in Florida to help your specific healthcare needs.


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