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Does being a medical marijuana patient mean you cant buy a gun in Florida?

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Earlier this month Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded an Obama era policy allowing states to offer medical marijuana, without fear of federal interference. Now in states where cannabis is legal, the state attorney may decide to prosecute, or not.

The general direction that Sessions has the feds going towards is to crack down, on illegal marijuana businesses.

By the federal government standard, every business buying or selling marijuana is illegal, regardless of that state's laws. However, no one expects action to take place anytime soon.

Still, people want to understand, if being a medical marijuana patient in Florida, means you cant buy a gun?

Technically the answer is no, in fact, if Sessions has his way anybody on a marijuana registry nationwide could be subject to surrender any weapons they currently own.

His main montre seems to be that marijuana and guns don't mix. Stating that any mind-altering drug severely decreases anyone's ability to think rationally, much less handle a firearm safely

This is the same Jeff Sessions who says marijuana should stay on the Federal Schedule 1 drug classification, which clearly states it cant have any medical benefits to mankind.

Not sure how blind you have to be not to see the progress in treating an array of illness that marijuana has today, with much more just on the horizon.

In Colorado who lead the way to legalization in the United States and as of 2016 has had recreational cannabis legalized for all there is much tension over this decision. Corey Gardener of CO blasts Sessions decision to rescind the bill protecting their pot industry from the feds, saying that Sessions has literally trampled on the will of the people in Colorado and may have put their entire industry at risk.

"Many states and millions of cannabis patients nationwide agree that marijuana reform is a necessary work that needs to be done in the country today."

mike g. ttl times magazine.

So for now, technically if you are a legal medical marijuana patient in Florida or any other state with legal cannabis, your guns are at risk! Although no one has been prosecuted for any legal marijuana crimes if that even makes sense, which is exactly what the feds think.

In Florida where we have already endured the monumental opioid crisis, medical marijuana patients don't understand how people can get hooked on prescription pills that ruin their lives and eventually lead to heroin and still legally own a gun. Yet someone using cannabis to treat pain lets say can not.

If you are concerned about your gun ownership and being apart of a medical marijuana program, contact your Florida state Senator to find out more!

Any regulations do not apply to Florida CBD oil for sale or, the companies who manufacture it.

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