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Recreational Marijuana In Florida Won't Be On The 2018 Ballot

As the cannabis cloud settles in the sunshine state and new laws and regulations are sort of in place, people are wondering why recreational marijuana in Florida won't be on the 2018 ballot.

Since overwhelmingly passing Amendment 2 in 2016 allowing patients to qualify for MMJ under expanded regulations, the industry has been plagued with problems.

Recreational Marijuana in Florida 2018

Over 60,000 new Floridians have now been approved for the medical side of marijuana, but delays in rolling out programs and implementing successful systems of management have failed.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have already received your medical marijuana ID card from the state and have been able to order your cannabis products from a local dispensary, you're in good shape, right?

Well, you may still run into issues like, the dispensaries being out of your favorite vape oil, especially the concentrates, which are selling like hotcakes.

But that's way better than being stuck in limbo, trying to get approved by the Office Of Medical Marijuana Use, charged with governing all license issues.

There has been an outcry for state legislators to get out of patients and doctors business. Recreational marijuana would do just that, by completely taking them out of the equation.

Currently, Florida's Medical Marijuana program limits dispensaries to grow, process, transport and sell their MMJ products, from start to finish. This is called a Horizontally Integrated System.

Plus people who wish to obtain MMJ for medicine have to go through a long approval process with the state, who has been penalized already for delays ion approving patients.

Recreational marijuana would simply allow any person over the age of 21 to buy marijuana from any number of licensed retailers not limited to the 13 currently in business.

Plus it would take the entire approval process out of it too since there simply would not be any approvals, other than proving you're of age to buy.

Unfortunately, Florida recreational supporters like United for Care and John Morgan, the lawyer from Orlando couldn't get the 75,000 signatures needed to move forward for 2018!

So now the push is on for recreational marijuana in Florida for 2020, and they are asking for your support early on to avoid this same issue in 2 years!

To support The Florida Cannabis Act 2020, simply E-Sign the petition now for the 2020 ballot.

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