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CBD & THC - Which Medical Marijuana Is Right For You

There has been overwhelming scientific proof that both CBD & THC have medical applications and patients worldwide are learning what they are. In Florida, you can use Medical Marijuana to treat an array of issues, legally.

CBD & THC - Which Medical Marijuana Is Right For You

But how do you know which Medical Marijuana compounds are right for you?

In states across the U.S. that have regulated, legal cannabis industry, are truly exposing marijuana as a viable medical solution, to many illnesses.

In Florida, as in other states, medical marijuana doctors that are registered by their state are the gatekeepers to cannabis. They are able to help you come up with a viable treatment plan for your specific health needs.

CBD & THC - Marijuana Doctors in Florida

State licensed Marijuana Dispensaries carry both CBD and THC Medical Marijuana products. After you and your doctor decide which dosage you need, then you can order the appropriate products.

For a list of current Florida dispensary locations near you, see our always evolving posts that cover your city.

Now it's important to understand what cannabis can do for you, which is why we are going to take a look at both CBD and THC as medicine, and go through the top known uses.

Florida medical marijuana - cbd oil

First of all Cannabinoid or (CBD) is one of over 70,000 natural compounds found in Marijuana. It's only recently that we have understood some important roles that CBD plays in the human body.

If you did not know already, CBD is found naturally within the human Endocannabinoid system. When a person consumes CBD, either by inhalation, eating, or drinking it, or topically, it bonds with and replenishes our own deleted supply.

The Endocannabinoid system within us is responsible for regulating many body functions and is fueled by CBD taken regularly.

CBD & THC - Endocannabinoid system

Research around the world shows that when a person consistently takes a CBD does daily, they report an over-all well-balanced health.

In addition, CBD users experience decreased anxiety, uplifted emotional states and literally a healthier functioning system.

One of the big questions is does CBD Oil treat pain successfully? The answer is yes, however, a patient that has been in long-term pain management using traditional opioid medications should always consult a doctor before stopping that medication completely.

CBD is able to reduce pain because patients get longterm health benefits from using it. The actually CBD doesn't have any of the psychoactive properties like THC does and therefore can be combined for the ultimate, pain relieving effects.

Buying CBD Oil can be a bit tricky, since there is always another new company pitching their versions, online.

Buyer beware, the BEST is, Pure Organic CBD Oil and there is no substitute.

*You do not want to take any CBD's that are diluted and mixed with cutting agents.

One of the most trending medical applications for Cannabinoid (CBD ) Oil is for seizures. In children and adults. The results have been so impressive that even leading Epilepsy doctors have taken notice.

CBD & THC - CBD for Epilepsy

Projects like The Charlottes Web Initiative back in 2015-2016 allowing for low THC Medical Cannabis to be used to treat seizures, in Epilepsy patients and also to treat Cancer patients symptoms.

Some patients, in fact, many of these people have literally gone from having hundreds of weekly seizures, to now having only a few, to none, after CBD treatments. This may be one of the largest reasons so many states are now legalizing marijuana as medicine. The end results are simply undeniable.

CBD Oils have also been used to fight cancer, as a natural anti-cancer agent, cannabinoids help reduce tumor size and growth altogether. While not popularly accepted in the medical community as a cure, CBD is showing some amazing advancements, in treating this disease.

Now that we have covered the largest CBD medical uses, it's time to see how Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can help you too.

First of all the major difference between these 2 cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant is that THC gets you high and CBD does not.

That being said, THC has many medical applications and has become a staple of treating debilitating illness in states like Colorado, where legalization is much more progressive.

The research and applications show that THC and the psychoactive effects, can help people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes anxiety can be so bad that a person would be confined to their homes and fearful of everything. Others experience a much lighter feeling of panic and general uncomfortable feelings.

THC can treat these because of the uplifting effects that cannabis has on human beings. You can control the strains and amounts you take to treat just enough of the issue to allow normal life to occur.

Patients have reported a complete transformation in their life and can live without anxiety controlling them.

This same THC application can have a huge effect on pain management patients. Whether you suffer from acute pain, related to injury, or long-term pain management issues, THC can help.

The THC compounds can be strong and literally give patients the euphoric feeling long associated with marijuana. This can relieve pain instantly and allow patients to deal with longterm pain in the same way.

The advancements in patient care due to medical marijuana are just beginning, as many doctors worldwide agree that marijuana is much more effective for treating pain than traditional opioids. The biggest side effect is that there are none and patients are replacing their long-term pain management treatments from pills to weed.

THC as a whole is known for its work on a human beings GI tract. In fact, anyone who has even tried pot knows what the munchies are. THC is responsible for helping cancer patients undergoing radiation treatments to eat.

This truly has a whole health effect, since these patients benefit from all the symptom relief associated with marijuana, especially hunger.

Chemo has long been known to kill hunger, making it impossible for patients to stay strong. Now after chemo, patients can ingest high doses of THC and get almost instant relief and are then able to eat, sleep and be uplifted, which any doctor will tell you, gives these patients the highest percentage of successfully eradicating cancer from their bodies.

As of February 2018, The Opioid Crisis in America has reached unbelievable numbers, killing more than 100 people per day nationwide.

Marijuana's contribution to healing this crisis may be just now seeing the light. Many opioid addicts have reported that during and after opioid dependence treatments that using marijuana, both CBD and THC has saved them from relapse.

This may be a slippery slope for many, since addiction can be triggered by pot, in some cases. However, there are many people that have successfully used cannabis to treat pain associated with withdrawal, a substitute for using opioids to help with anxiety and also to sustain a good uplifted mindset during treatments and in life.

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People have said that medical marijuana can keep them from returning to opioid abuse and since nothing else has worked to get these addicts clean, doctors are now looking towards cannabis for a viable solution to the opioid crisis in America.

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