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What Is the Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana?

If you are one of the millions across the country considering using marijuana as medicine through a doctor, you must be wondering what the difference between medical and recreational marijuana is, Right?

What Is the Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana?

Today there are so many states with legalized pot, you should be asking yourself how can medical marijuana benefit you.

Let's take a look at what makes marijuana legal to use and therefore considered medical.

  • Regulations state by state for either medical or recreational marijuana

  • Quality standards that growers and retailers must follow

  • Leading marijuana scientific findings to support both medical and recreational marijuana. Although there is a lot of data, we will closely look at some recent findings by top researchers worldwide

  • Medical Marijuana's best uses

  • The differences between medical and recreational marijuana

  • Why people likely choose medical, over recreational marijuana when available

  • What are CBD and THC? How do they affect me and why

In states like Florida, that recently passed laws allowing qualified patients, to obtain legal marijuana as medicine, while under an MMJ doctors supervision.

1. The state regulates their own licensing requirements and all marijuana businesses must register and maintain records. These may include anything from banking and financial documents, to the amount of monthly products sold, and quality/standards that they must meet, or exceed to operate legally.

2. Medical Marijuana, by nature, is used to treat patients suffering from illness and therefore must go through a developmental stage, where the plants grown, are bread to produce the desired effects and successfully execute their medical purposes.

The data suggests that when medical marijuana manufacturers develop cannabis for specific medical uses, the results are very positive.

What Is the Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana?

For example when a doctor recommends an Epilepsy patient use a 1-1 ratio CBD high marijuana to treat their seizures, its imperative that the medicine the person receives does just that. The doctor and patient must know that they can count on the product always being accurate and consistent, with their long-term health goals.

3. Typically states require that marijuana growers, whether the dispensary, or subcontracted business, post their medical marijuana harvest THC, and CBD levels, along with the standards of growing they adhere to.

4. States like Colorado that offer recreational marijuana, available to anyone over the age of 21 have experienced some rather interesting effects.

The financial gains by the state are staggering with recent studies showing over $300M in tax dollars alone, paid from pot shops alone. Plus families have literally picked up and moved their entire lives to these states, simply to access pot. Some for medical reasons and some for the "green rush" hoping to get rich from this fruitful, local economy.

Real Estate values in Colorado and other states offering recreational marijuana has skyrocketed, with people moving there for employment and lifestyle reasons. The bump to the local economy has been felt by all who live nearby.

What Is the Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana?

VS states that only offer medical marijuana, which sees a smaller economic bump than recreational states, but still an overall increase in most everything. Medical cannabis states do however get many new small businesses that flourish due to new opportunities in the medical side of the industry.

Recreational Marijuana History!

Most people today support marijuana as medicine and lean towards recreational, in over 50% of the USA in 2018. However, pot has been around a lot longer than that, even in the first recorded history on a caveman's wall.

But most recent research shows a direct connection between medieval man and cannabis. Since the marijuana plant has freely grown in every single continent on earth it's hard to fully pinpoint where we began to use it.

What Is the Difference Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana?

As early as 1800 we had pot legalized in this country and we actually taxed it as medicine and recreational fun. Its only since the mid, to late 1900 that marijuana has once again become federally illegal in the US and forced states to break away and legalize it themselves.

In 1951 The Boggs Act establishes minimum prison sentences for simple possession. This one piece of legislation alone has greatly increased the prison population in the United States, where we incarcerate more than double any other country on drug convictions. This law, in hindsight, is completely wrong because it gives mandatory 5-year sentences for even simple marijuana possession. It was based on the false assumption that addiction was a contagious disease and that all addicts should be separated from the population, as not to spread the sickness.

In 1956 the addition of marijuana into the Narcotics Control Act leads to strict penalties for minor drug infractions. This law would make the first offense for simple possession punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

1968 The University Of Mississippi becomes a largescale marijuana grower for the federal government. The University literally holds a registration from the government to grow pot. It discloses the fact that the DEA is a registered marijuana dealer, grower, for just about anything they want. These include research and development, both for recreational and industrial purposes. The DEA also holds the license to administer marijuana to animals and humans for scientific advancement.

Most people agree that buying medical marijuana for use to treat any number of ailments is better than buying recreational pot to treat the same. Because the medical, vs recreational quality standards differ so drastically. Plus the medical marijuana industry grew the plants specifically to produce their desired CBD or THC levels.

Recreatinal marijuana shops selling shatter

It seems like you can get much higher THC content with recreational marijuana shops, in the states that allow them. These may include shatter, butter, and high THC oils. They are all made to get the user as high as possible, with less emphasis on treating actual symptoms. You may get the desired results one day and an entirely different result the next day, even with the same strain and distributer.

CBD legal? CBD Health benefits

If you are hoping that medical marijuana would be right for you, let us know. We offer Florida certified medical 420 doctors, across the state, ready to help you find relief in this little green plant.

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