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Difference between Full-Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

The popularity of CBD continues to spread across the globe. Many people are now gathering more information about the cannabinoid in a bid to understand what it can and cannot do.

In April 2019, the number of CBD internet searches in the US alone was 6.4 million. Among the things CBD users were searching for is the difference between Full-spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate. These two became hot topics since the legalization of CBD in 2018.

It is now time to set the record straight and have an in-depth analysis of these two strains. To do so, you need to understand what they are, how they work, and, most importantly, what is their connection?

Full-Spectrum CBD

A full-spectrum CBD is the type of cannabidiol that contains every ingredient found in the cannabis plant. That means a single dose of Full-spectrum CBD has flavonoids, terpenes, and various cannabinoids. Companies use an extraction method called supercritical CO2 to come up with the compound. The process is effective in drawing CBD compounds and oils from dry hemp plants. It is, however, less extensive than that used to extract other types of CBD like Broad spectrum. Full-spectrum has many benefits. There is a very high value of pure CBD products like CBD tincture to help calm your dog and other pets.

Even though Full-spectrum CBD contains every compound found in marijuana, manufacturers tend to keep the levels of THC below 0.3%. That is the amount allowed by the federal government. Below such levels, CBD tends to lack the psychoactive effect and thus considered safe for use to treat various ailments. Some of the main compounds that you should expect from Full-spectrum CBD include:

Cannabidiol or CBD

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is famous for its various medicinal values. Unlike other cannabinoids that are available in various plants, CBD is only available in the cannabis plant. The fact that it lacks THC is the reason why it is more popular than most cannabinoids.

Cannabichromene or CBC

CBC is also a popular type of cannabinoid available in the cannabis plant. It, however, occurs in small amounts.

Cannabigerol or CBG

CBG is more famous than CBC but less popular than CBD. The cannabinoid comes with its medicinal values. It can increase appetite and also act as antifungal, among others. The Full-spectrum only contains 3% or fewer levels of CBG.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV

THCV is also a prevalent cannabinoid with various medicinal benefits, just like CBD. You should not confuse the cannabinoid with THC. That is because they are very different despite having similar psychoactive properties and molecular structures.

The Advantages of Using Full-Spectrum CBD

The first thing you need to figure out whenever you want to purchase any CBD product is whether you want Full-spectrum CBD or not. That is because sellers like Getkush will provide you with different spectrums and leave that choice to you.

What most people don't know about Full-spectrum CBD is that unlike the other spectrums, it comes with the entourage effect. It occurs when different compounds found in the Full-spectrum CBD combine to provide a wide array of health benefits.

Such an effect makes it work effectively and perfectly. It is also among the key factors that make Full spectrum CBD famous among CBD users.

CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is the CBD compound in its purest form. The process of creation is slightly different from that of other compounds. The manufacturer uses the conventional CO2 extraction process to separate CBD from the Sativa plant.

They then refine it further to strip out any available phytocannabinoids present in the compound. The remaining product thus contains 99% pure CBD. Due to its high quality and purity, CBD Isolate should not have any flavor or scent.

Benefits of CBD Isolate

CBD Isolates come with many health benefits despite the fact that it doesn’t have the entourage effect. But apart from those advantages, most people prefer CBD Isolates because:

It Doesn't Show in Drug Tests

The purest form of CBD Isolate contains zero amounts of THC. That means no matter how many milligrams you take, it is not going to pop up in your drug test. That is not unless the company carries out a specific test for CBD.

It Is Easier to Determine the Dose

Unlike other forms of CBD, the isolate is very easy to dose. That is because you only get the milligrams of CBD without other compounds.

It Is Available in Different Modes

CBD Isolate is available in many forms. That includes tinctures, gummies, and oils. Its crystalline form also enables you to include it in various foods and meals.

In a Nutshell

From the information above, there is a small similarity between CBD Isolate and Full-spectrum CBD. That is its initial CO2 extraction method and the fact that they both contain CBD. Other than that, the two products have distinct features and different molecular structures. It is thus up to you to decide which type of CBD will suit your needs.


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