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Which CBD Product is Right for Me?

There are so many ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. If you are new to CBD products, choosing the right one for you might be challenging. With a plethora of options, narrowing down the fields can become overwhelming for novices. Here's a guide to CBD products so that you can decide which is best for your first CBD experience.

CBD Gummies

Gummy supplements are popping up in vitamin aisles across the nation. It's an easy way to get daily nutrition because gummies are familiar. Not to mention, they're delicious! It's not a surprise that CBD has ventured into the gummy market, too.

CBD gummies are excellent for beginners because they provide a precise serving of CBD. You don't have to worry about "doing it wrong." Just eat the gummy as you did as a child. Within 30 minutes or so, you should start to experience the benefits of CBD.

CBD Pills

CBD can also come in various pills, capsules, tablets, and gelcaps. This method of CBD works much in the same way as the gummies do. Except, this offering shouldn't come with the extra calories.

CBD pills are very easy to work into any wellness regimen. Just put them in your cabinet next to your toothbrush and other vitamins. Each capsule will provide an exact serving of CBD.

So, take every morning as recommended for daily wellness support. You will start to experience the benefits around 30 minutes after taking the CBD pill.

CBD Flower

CBD flower is a great introduction for CBD for those who enjoy recreational marijuana or have a medical marijuana license. Smoking hemp flowers doesn't promote a psychoactive experience. However, they do encourage relaxation throughout the system.

Simply buy some hemp flowers from the dispensary and pack your go-to glass pipe for smoking. Sit back, light up, and enjoy your CBD experience.

When you smoke marijuana, the high is almost instantaneous. The relaxation effects of CBD are almost just as quick. That's what makes this method so unique from edibles and pills.

With edibles and pills, your body must break down the food particles or capsule ingredients. From there, the CBD gets digested, absorbed, and distributed through the bloodstream. That's why edibles and pills can take 30-60 minutes to provide benefits.

Whereas, smoking hemp expedites the process. Instead of CBD being introduced to your abrasive stomach acids for absorption, these beneficial compounds get absorbed in the mouth.

CBD Tinctures

Speaking of mouth absorption, CBD tinctures are also an efficient way to experience fasting-acting benefits. You must draw CBD oil into a dropper and then place the drops into your mouth.

Unflavored CBD tinctures have a strong earthy flavor with a nutty aftertaste. Many people find this flavor a bit intense. So, a lot of CBD companies will add flavoring agents.

For a better CBD experience, opt for tinctures made with essential oils rather than "natural" flavors. Essential oils are rich in aromatic molecules known as terpenes. Terpenes compliment CBD, boosting its overall effectiveness. This unique reaction is known as the entourage effect.

Beginners should start off with a small serving to determine how their body reacts. After 15 minutes, you should experience some benefits. If not, take another drop or two every 15-30 minutes until you feel your desired effects.

Unlike pills and gummies, CBD tinctures do not provide a precise serving of CBD. Not every package will tell you how much CBD is in a dropper. However, they must divulge the total amount of CBD in the formula.

With that number, you can do a quick equation to determine your CBD serving:

Total CBD Inside Bottle (mg) ÷ Total ml of Bottle = Total mg In Full Dropper

Let's do this with some numbers to create context. Imagine you have a 30ml bottle of tinctures that contains 450 mg of CBD in total.

The equation would be:

450 ÷ 30 = 15ml of CBD per dropper

5-10mg is a good start point for beginners. Once you work your way up and find your sweet spot, your tincture experience will be more seamless.

CBD Topicals

Our skin, bones, and joints are supported by cells that have signaling devices on them. These communication devices are called cannabinoid receptors. CBD oil soothes these receptors to promote a state of balance throughout the body.

CBD topicals are creams, lotions, salves, bath bombs, and other cosmetic products that are infused with hemp extract. Simply apply the topical directly to dry skin, achy joints, or areas of pain.

CBD will permeate through the pores, eventually soothing your cannabinoid receptors. In turn, you may notice clearer skin, less irritation, and better pain tolerance.

It's challenging to measure how much CBD is being applied to the body. A little goes a long way. Start with a fingertip's worth in problematic areas. Adjust until you become familiar with your preferences.

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