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Medical Marijuana For Treating PTSD

medical marijuana to treat PTSD

Millions of people worldwide suffer from the debilitating effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or (PTSD) caused by a vast number of circumstances. Many are finding relief by using medical marijuana for treating PTSD symptoms and long term, stress management treatments.

Marijuana has become a popular alternative to traditional PTSD treatments which include Benzodiazapines and other addictive medications.

PTSD is the result of a traumatic experience that an individual had, typically in the past. It can be anything from a childhood experience, to a new experience that significantly impacts the stress receptors in the persons brain. The stress levels brought on during this experience are so severe they have a lasting effect on the person in many ways.

CBD oil to treat PTSD

People who suffer from PTSD commonly re-live the experience, the mind and body become overwhelmed with chemicals like adrenaline. It can have a drastically different effect on people such as a deep depression, chronic pain, nightmares and episodes of intense anxiety.

Most patients can successfully manage PTSD symptoms, while under the care of a psychiatrist, who understands how to treat people on an individual basis.

Usually PTSD sufferers avoid social situations for fear of an episode.

Medical Marijuana is a good treatment for PTSD symptoms because when ingested CBD and THC, two of over 70 known Cannabinoids in cannabis, bind with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, regulating many natural body functions. This can ease tension in the body, reduce inflammation and control pain associated with PTSD.

Marijuana is great medicine since you can control the effects, either using a Sativa, Indica, or a Hybrid blend of the two.

Cannabis is successful in treating anxiety, typically associated with intense PTSD symptoms, by giving patients a euphoric feeling, or High most commonly associated with smoking pot. People who understand marijuana strains can indroduce Indica or Sativa marijuana to control certain situations. Most anxiety associated with PTSD can be controled with regular dosing and a doctors supervision.

Depression caused by PTSD can often time be relieved by using a Sativa, or Hybrid cannabis, since it gives an energized euphoric effect that can be life changing for long term sufferers.

Equally, Indica strains give PTSD patients a relaxed, calm feeling and can slow down the constant energy flow through the brain. Most often patients report that using medical marijuana at night time helps them sleep, nightmare free.

For long-term PTSD relief, doctors and patients are incorporating medical marijuana into their longterm treatment plans. This can be anything from chronic pain due to muscle spasms, to night terrors and sleep deprervation.

Marijuana is a natural alternative to more powerful drugs typically used to treat PTSD like Xanax, Valium and opiods, but without the addictive nature of those traditional treatments.

Since there are no known, negative side effects from using marijuana, patients worldwide are beginning to experience the healing effects, that cannabis can have on the human body and mind!

Medical Marijuana is a wonderful new advancement in PTSD patient care and can now be utilized in Florida, legally under Amendment 2 law.

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