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Does Florida Finally Accept Marijuana as Medicine in 2018?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

America is asking the question, does Florida finally accept marijuana, as medicine in 2018?

It's been a whirlwind year in Florida, as state lawmakers finalized legislation legalizing marijuana as medicine, for expanded qualifications, last year.

However how accepting are people in general and what is happening in the sunshine state moving forward? According to a new poll taken by an Quinnipiac University over 94% of Americans are in support of marijuana used as medicine.

1st, We all know Floridian's passed Amendment 2 back in 2016 by a landslide 71% which is the largest over-all vote in favor of medical cannabis, in any state, across the country.

2nd, As of late Jan 2018, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use in Tallahassee has reported over 65,000 new MMJ patients have been approved for treatments. Plus thousands more Awaiting OMMU approval.

3rd, There have been 22 licensed marijuana dispensaries (Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers) granted to ability to legally grow, process, transport and sell cannabis products in Florida. Each dispensary may have 25 retail locations throughout the sunshine state, giving patients over 300 potential storefronts to purchase cannabis from.

4th, Big business has already begun investing financially in Florida's medical marijuana industry. The most recent example was GrowHealthy, a central Florida dispensary just sold its assets and MMJ license to iAnthus Capital Management for $45 Million deal!

Video Proof Florida Approves Of Cannabis - So does America!

Nationwide cannabis organizations like United for Care and local, pro-marijuana attorney John Morgan are fighting for Florida patients in 2018.

They have already filed lawsuits to cancel the "no smoking flower ban" and also to decriminalize marijuana from the federal governments schedule 1 drug category.

They are also trying to get enough support for full recreational marijuana in Florida for 2018-2020!

The demographics in Florida has proven in support of medical marijuana, since its large aging population, can benefit from cannabis (THC and CBD) products.

It seems like cannabis and CBD oil is in Florida, to stay

Find a Florida marijuana doctor and dispensary, with our statewide network of caring, Florida based, canna believers!

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