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An Easy Guide To Obtain Medical Marijuana In Tampa Florida

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Tampa FL is becoming some what of a mecca for the Medical Marijuana this year, with much more in store for 2018. Many new dispensaries and marijuana doctors have come to the area and opened up for business, serving Tampa's large population of residents, looking to legally obtain medical marijuana treatments.

New medical marijuana laws give MMJ doctors and qualifying patients use cannabis as medicine. Treating an array of conditions, now approved under Amendment 2. To legally obtain medical marijuana in Florida you will first need a doctors recommendation and then OMMU approval.

Step 1. Locate and contact a state certified, medical marijuana doctors near you, in Tampa. Make sure to ask them any questions you have pertaining to your health issues and how cannabis can treat them. Also verify all fees they charge up front and for renewals. The current state law allows for a 70 day supply to be uploaded into the system at a time. This means that you must verify exactly how much you will be charged for their services.

Step 2. Complete the state's web portal you will have after you see the doctor. The Office Of Medical Marijuana Use will email you the link after receiving the request by your physician. They will ask for proof of Florida residence, which can be a state ID, Power Bill or Passport ID. Then you will need to supply them with the correct size photo 2inches by 2 inches for your cannabis card. Finally you must mail the state of Florida a check or money order for the yearly fee of $75, for access to the program.

Step 3. After your OMMU approval, contact a marijuana dispensary near you, in Tampa. They will verify your approval with the state and ensure your recommendation is correct before processing your order for pickup or delivery service throughout Tampa and all of Florida

2018 qualifying conditions in Florida are,

PTSD, Cancer, Seizures, ALS, HIV, Aids, Chronic Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Insomnia,

or any other similar condition, a doctor believes cannabis will treat successfully.

Even well established cannabis businesses from other states are moving to Tampa. Take Tetra Health Care Clinics, founder by Tracilea Young and already a successful walk in cannabis clinic chain in California, have opened up across Tampa Bay. Tetra staffs Florida, state certified, medical marijuana doctors in their locations.

So far Tracilea has opened 6 walk in clinics in Florida, 5 of which are in Tampa. Located in Clearwater, South Tampa, North Tampa, St Petersburg and Brandon, with plans for 21 more across the state in 2018. Tetra currently charges $198 for a cannabis recommendation, for Tampa residents.

There are over 90 registered marijuana doctors located throughout Tampa. For a complete list of doctors, locations and contact details, PDF, click here

The big players in town as of Dec 2018 are Trulieve and Surterra Wellness, both licensed with the state to cultivate, harvest, process and sell medical marijuana products under the law. Also known as a Vertically Intergrated System.

Trulieve and Surterra offer Tampa MMJ patients a large selection, of medical marijuana products including. personal vaporizers, vape oil both THC and CBD, capsules, topical, nasal sprays and high concentrate tinctures.

Trulieve Dispensary locations in Tampa

Surterra Dispensary locations in Tampa

12 initial dispensary licenses where given out to qualifying nurseries in Florida and they are allowed to have up to 25 other locations from that license.

2018 looks like a busy year for dispensary owners, because a new bill introduced to the Senate this month, greatly expands access to entrepreneurs, who want in on dispensary ownership.

The bill allows for current dispensaries to sub-contact some of the industry processes out to qualified people. Independent growers may be in the near future in Florida. Bill Florida.

Bill SB 1336 full details.

Tampa FL residents may have another marijuana related Bill on the Senate floor soon. " The Florida Cannabis Act" currently a petition being signed by Floridians in support of legalizing marijuana for recreational use. The petition is poised at getting this on the 2018 Nov ballot. The Florida Cannabis Act would allow anyone 21 years or older, to purchase marijuana from licensed dispensaries, much like you would buy a beer at the store today.

Either way it looks like marijuana is in Tampa FL to stay and thousands of patients are finding relief, in the little green plant called marijuana.

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