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Suffering from Anxiety During Lockdown? Here Are 5 Cannabis Strains to Swear By

Updated: May 4, 2020

Coronavirus has created a mental health crisis as well as a physical one. The need of the hour is to maintain social distancing and isolate oneself. Maintaining social distancing and staying at home has the potential to impact one’s mental health. 

No matter where you look or what you check, whether it is social media, your doctor or television COVID-19 is bound to pop up everywhere. All these updates about COVID-19 can be often overwhelming. Especially when you don’t have much to do. This can cause feelings of panic to set in causing infinite stress. All this in collaboration with the fact that you are alone is bound to make you anxious.

Generalized anxiety disorder is one of the leading forms of mental health disorders that people suffer from, while acute anxieties are a close second.  And this lockdown can impact all of these people at different levels. Feeling of isolation and fear can work as triggers for anxiety and it can be very difficult to deal with.

So, it becomes crucial to find a way to deal with this anxiety. Thankfully, medical cannabis can help you with it. 420 Doctors use cannabis as a way to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety in their patients. Everyone has unique brain chemistry, and that’s why treatment affects everyone differently. But before we talk about cannabis as a treatment for anxiety, let’s learn a bit more about anxiety itself.

What Is Anxiety?

According to the data made before the outbreak of the COVID-19, anxiety was America’s number one mental health issue. And now due to lockdown, this data is not going to change anytime soon. Anxiety happens mostly due to stress. In other words, anxiety is the natural response of your body to stress.

The sufferers feel fear, apprehension, or nervousness about the uncertainty of the outcomes. And if the feeling of anxiety is extreme, and lasts longer than 6 months then it means that you have an anxiety disorder.

Some of the basic symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Feeling out of control on a regular basis

  • Experiencing too much of stress

  • Facing difficulty in managing the work pressure

  • Feeling depressed

  • Experiencing anger management issues

  • Having a feeling of unsettlement 

Cannabis and anxiety

Medical cannabis can be used as an alternative to anti-anxiety medication. Cannabis is known to affect GABA levels that balance your anxiety. Studies show that components of cannabis, especially cannabidiol (CBD), can manage the amount of GABA in your brain. The best part about using cannabis as an alternative to anti-anxiety medication is that it does not have any typical side effects.

But, you must always consult a marijuana doctor before using medical cannabis for anxiety, or else it can have the opposite effect if not used responsibly.

CBD has shown exceptional benefits for people suffering from anxiety. Cannabis that contains high levels of CBD can be used to help people suffering from anxiety. CBD is also very helpful in reducing pain, spasms, and many other issues. And while it provides you various therapeutic effects, it won’t get you high. Also for many people, THC can be useful in managing anxiety as it can help in reducing stress. 

The Best Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

Every cannabis strain contains different levels of THC/CBD and has different effects on your body and mind. So, it becomes very important for you to consult a professional and then choose a strain to deal with your anxiety. Here are some of the best cannabis strains and budget buds, that you can use during the lockdown.

White Widow

This Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain is produced by crossing a South Indian Indica and a South American Sativa. It is considered as one of the most popular cannabis strains in North America. It entered the scene in the 1990s and was an Amsterdam coffee-shop scene staple. 

It contains high levels of THC ranging from 18% - 20 %. So, if you are a beginner and do not have much experience with cannabis, you should consider not choosing this one. The CBD level in this strain is very low, which is about 0.2 percent, which means that there is nothing to counteract the effects of THC. 

White Widow offers a spacey high to your body. And this makes it very popular among the people suffering from anxiety or PTSD. You can expect a perfect combination of euphoria and stimulation. It also helps in dealing with mood disorders, which can be a problem that you face during the lockdown.

Granddaddy Purple

This is undoubtedly one of the most famous cannabis strains around the world. Granddaddy Purple is also known as GDP (it’s also easier to write GDP than Granddaddy Purple). GDP is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that is a cross of Big Bud and Purple Urkle. If you are looking for something to bust your stress completely, look no further than GDP. 

It offers a peaceful high that makes your body release all the stress and tension. GDP has relaxing effects that come with cerebral euphoria while offering physical relaxation. This makes it a great choice to manage depression. 

GDP contains high levels of THC that can reach up to 23%, so expect a powerful high from it. It also helps in reducing pain and insomnia. So, sit on your couch, let it sink in, and experience the amazing effects of Granddaddy purple.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain that offers a creative high while promoting a clear mind. It is produced by crossing Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. Those are two legendary cannabis strains themselves, so it becomes obvious that Cherry Pie is an amazing strain. And as we can expect a lot from this cannabis strain, it does not disappoint. The THC levels of Cherry Pie can range significantly from 13% to 23%. And you can get it anywhere in between that range.

Cherry Pie is known to offer deep relaxation, but it also helps you to remain active and alert. It is widely considered as one of the best strains to deal with stress and situations that may cause stress, such as a lockdown. It can also boost your creativity and make you feel inspired, so you might want to take on your hobby after consuming it. The best part is one never feels overwhelmed by Cherry Pie.

Sour OG

Sour OG is another one of the most popular cannabis strains that can help you deal with stress and anxiety. It is considered a great choice for getting relief from anxiety because of its THC levels that revolve around 13% to 17%. So, you will not have to worry about the side effects if you consume it just a bit too much. Sour OG is known for being a balanced hybrid cannabis strain produced by crossing OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

It is a great choice whether you are looking for medical use or recreational use. It is a perfect strain to use during the day time as it is known to induce the feeling of relaxation without making you fall asleep. 


ACDC is hands down one of the best rock bands ever, but this article is not about the band. Although, cannabis strain ACDC can also help you with your anxiety so that you can rock out to your favorite jam. This strain is famous for containing high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. Due to this, you will experience very mild psychoactive effects. ACDC can help you remain calm and guide you toward a centered headspace.

ACDC can offer a very relaxed physical demeanor. So, you will end up with a clear mind functioning inside a highly relaxed body. Due to high levels of CBD, ACDC can be used for reducing pain and inflammation. This makes it one of the most popular cannabis strains among people suffering from anxiety. So, find a comfortable place in your home and say goodbye to your anxiety with the help of this amazing strain. 

Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Using Cannabis For Anxiety

As you have gone through the list and want to try different strains for your anxiety issues, it’s better for you to consult a doctor first before trying any strain. A doctor can guide you in choosing the right strain for yourself.

Also, take care of the dosage, especially when consuming strains with high levels of THC.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis does help in managing anxiety, but overdoing it can lead to opposite results, and make matters worse. So, you have to use it responsibly and in moderation to use medical cannabis as a valid and natural treatment for anxiety and stress. During this lockdown, it becomes even more crucial for you to take care of your mental health.

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